Can education alone save our environment?

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Can education alone save our environment? A big question mark.

How would you react if I say an engineer working in MNC throws 5 to 6 buckets of water away every time he takes bath. What if I say an accountant working in an international firm keeps his bathroom’s light switched on forever because he feels good about it.

These are just two examples, there are many more. This leads to a very obvious question. Are degrees like B.Tech, BE, M.B.B.S, L.L.B, M.Sc etc enough to develop human mind to think about natural resources and environment.  The answer is neither a yes nor a no. It hurts when I see top educated people wasting water, paper, electricity without realizing their significance. So whats the reason behind this. What I could figure out it that its not their fault alone. Neither our education system is 100% responsible for that. Yeah its not that…

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