Feminism Over Humanity

I will start this blog post by putting up a question , does feminism hurt humanity in any possible form or way? Before we look for its answer, let me share a couple of incidents from my own experience.

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Recent one I experienced last night while traveling back from my office to home in Delhi metro. I boarded into the coach just next to the reserved one (for females). I had a look into the female coach and found 15-20 unoccupied seats. Then I noticed the coach I was standing in and found 10-15 females sitting there and almost equal no of male passengers standing. I just went near to a girl and politely asked her if she can move to reserved coach , so that i can have a seat too. But she refused to move. I didn’t argue further and kept standing even though a lot of thoughts (or arguments) were going on in mind. At next stop a passenger deboarded and I got space to sit. Incidentally there was a girl sitting next to me. She was listening to music  through earphones. Firstly I hesitated a little, but somehow I managed to disturb her and politely requested her if she can move to the ladies coach to vacate her seat for someone else. First she looked a little confused but then she realized what i meant and agreed to move. I thanked her, a male passenger took the seat and he thanked me for convincing the girl.

The first girl who refused to move had a mindset of like what if front coach is reserved, I am a girl and I have right to occupy any seat in metro. Of course she is right legitimately, but what she didn’t realize was the humanity factor. She was definitely missing the helping mindset.

Another incident again I witnessed in Delhi metro. This time I was not a part of it , but I watched it very closely. An old man (easily above 60) was sitting on a ladies seat. At next station a healthy and energetic lady (around 25-30) entered and asked him to vacate the seat. I had a thought to offer my seat to him but before that another guy did the same. Who was the more needy in this case? of-course the old man needed it more than the lady. But as it was read “Reserved for ladies”, he had to vacate it. Legitimately she is perfectly right, but isn’t it inhuman? At-least for me it is inhuman. Someone might have different point of view here, but this is what I think. After reading next couple of paras you will find the reason for this point of view.

Now I will come to the main agenda of this blog post. Some females are over feminist. They understand feminism as a way to feel and prove themselves superior to men. Going with the above example , such a female will capture a reserved seat at any cost, but at the same time she is not ready to vacate her seat for the one who is more needy. In my views this is not feminism, this is what I call a warped feminism.

Feminism Versus Warped Feminism

Dictionary defines feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”.  First para of wikipedia () reads “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.”

On the other hand, warped feminism is about demanding extra favor, demanding additional reservations and then using these  as they want. But that should not be the way to move on.

Feminism is not about using your rights above humanity. Its not about reservation for ladies. Although even I support female reservations because bringing the big change in male dominant society is not that easy. I respect the necessary reservations made for females. But at the same time I hope one day they will vanish .I hope that day will come very soon when we will not need any more reservations to make our females feel safe , feel equal to men in cultural, social and economic rights.

Feminism is not about gluing to the seat reserved for ladies, its about offering your seat to someone who is more needy (mostly aged people) than you. When you do so, it s reflects that you are as strong as a male passenger and that is feminism (being equal to males). Feminism is about building a free and equal society for both men and women. Its about building a world where women will not need female only coaches. It about creating an environment where females will feel safe without any special security arrangements and measures. Its about empowering females in such a way that they do not need any additional favor.

Does Feminism Hurt Humanity?

Now I will come back to the question with which I started my blog post. According to me the answer is a straight No. Feminism does not hurt humanity, its the warped feminism that hurts. Its the wrong interpretation of the word feminism that hurts the humanity. So it is very important for all of us to interpret the definition of feminism correctly and then use it.

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